Public Writing

My public writing has focused on writing about complicated affordable housing issues for a broader public.  Recently, I published a series of posts on Greater, Greater Washington to explain many key issues in affordable housing, including rent control, the Area Median Income, public housing, the Housing Choice Voucher program and the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit

Academic Writing

My research on housing, historic preservation and gentrification has been published widely in a range of academic journals, including Social Forces, City & Community, the Journal of the Urban Planning Association and the Journal of Urban Economics.

My first book, No Place Like Home: Wealth, Community and the Politics of Homeownership, has been reviewed in the American Journal of Sociology, the International Journal of Urban and Regional ResearchHousing, Theory & Society, the Journal of the American Planning Association and Contemporary Sociology.  I have spoken about the book on several public programs, including NPR's Here and Now and the Strong Opinion, Loosely Held podcast. 

I have written several book reviews, including reviews Housing, Wealth and Welfare (in Housing Studies), The Death and Life of the Single-Family House: Lessons from Vancouver on Building a Livable City (in Contemporary Sociology) and Home: International Perspectives on Culture, Identify and Belonging (in City & Community). 


I regularly offer presentations the changing political geography of Washington, DC.